How to Paint Intricate Designs on Furniture

Hand-painted furniture always brings a very homey feel to it. Painting intricate designs is not an easy task, but it can be done with some time, patience and the right supplies. Once you know what is needed and some basic technique, you will be able to hand-paint your own furniture to create a home full of unique pieces.

Getting the Right Supplies

You need the right supplies or else you will not be able to properly complete the project. You will need:

* Paint brushes in different sizes, including very fine-tipped brushes
* Clean water
* Paper towels that are lint-free
* Paint (make sure it is the right paint for furniture)
* Sandpaper
* Stencils if you are using them
* Painters tape
* Supplies to clean the furniture that will be painted

How to Properly Store Paint

Storing paint properly is not a complicated thing to do, but it's amazing how many households and even business establishments still manage to do it badly and wind up with spoiled paint in the least case scenarios and dangerous accidents in the worst case. Properly storing paint, whether it's oil based, acrylic or a mix of the two, just takes a few extra steps and the effort is worth it, least of all due to the savings in not having to buy fresh new containers of color that might not match up perfectly with the original paint job.

Let's cover a series of straightforward tips for properly putting away leftover paint so that it can be reused as often as needed without ruining its quality and emptying your wallet.

How to Paint Furniture to Give it an Antique Look

For many people, there is nothing more attractive than a piece of antique furniture in the room. Unfortunately, such pieces can be quite costly. Luckily, anyone can easily paint furniture to give it an antique look. This can be done with most any item. Even inexpensive pieces can be made to look like furniture from years past. The process is relatively simple and does not require any special tools or items. It simply takes some paint or stain, patience, and a bit of time.

How to Paint Your Wooden Furniture?

Because of its resilience and classic timeless look, wood is often the first material we think of when it comes to furnishing a room. Wooden furniture is also one of the most flexible options for interior decor as, depending on the type of wood the piece is made from, it can suit almost any decor style. Wood comes in many grains and a number of different shades so you can create warmer or colder atmospheres according to your mood and preferences.